Welcoming the Light

Welcoming the Light

Today we introduced the Light Atelier to our Extended Day children. We are observing a budding interest in Fairies, Fairy Houses and Secret Gardens while children are at play. The provocation to build in front of a lit magical woodlands scene was offered, as others created homes for tiny fairies in our nearby Workshop (Recycle Atelier). We are so very fortunate to have this amazing indoor Playspace!

At first interacting with the lit image was most intriguing.  After our connection with the image improved, children were able to predict the sort sequence of events that occurred in the looped screensaver… A cloud of magical dust would twinkle and move, a large dragonfly would hum by, zoom in and then fly away… with each film loop, anticipation, predictability, and interactions with the light grew stronger.

Large buckets, boxes, and a huge sheet of styrofoam were used to lift the light from the wall.  Children placed their fairy creations on the large sculptures to make tiny offerings to the scene in play.

The light atelier has given us yet another language with which to explore… welcome!


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