Projecting the Possibilities

Projecting the Possibilities

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Reggio Emilia, Italy and spent a day at the Loris Malaguzzi Centre.  At the Centre, a number of unique ateliers were staged for exploration of a variety of media. An incredible day full of such inspirations!

The DIGITAL LANDSCAPE ATELIER offers space for investigating the possible encounters and connections between digital tools and building materials. Cameras, projectors and other media were staged for exploration by all adult visitors.   This morning at Newtowne we installed a ceiling mounted projector in our Sage Hall indoor play space. This unit was completely worth the wait, as I am reeling with excitement for the possibilities!

Here are a few images from my trip to inspire our own Sage Hall projector experience. We will be working to gather materials and support tools this summer so that we can bring these experiences to Newtowne!  Let me know your thoughts and ideas, as we look ahead!

This still image of yellow and white lines on a black backdrop projected past these two clear plexi shapes, and onto some forms that were placed in front of the screen. Perhaps the children created this yellow and black image through drawing? Or the teachers created this design as a thoughtful provocation? Either way the invitation from the light as well as the darkness show depth and welcome curiosity…

How can the light be held? Touched? Moved? Instigated?

Loose parts that were painted either white or black were offered in a variety of simple yet inviting way. These items could be placed in any combination between the light and the backdrop. Visitors were encouraged to play with the light to create new images. Small round rugs, square rugs, sheets of paper or other simple outlines easily define the objects offered. Recycled items are spray painted white — they are durable, some are flimsy, some are heavy or light. Items very much need adequate storage for preservation.

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