Big Feelings- how we honor a child’s feelings

Big Feelings- how we honor a child’s feelings

Starting school brings on big waves of change, one of the biggest is dealing with new emotions.  We take patience in understanding why we feel how we do, as we work to build connections for our new community.

We’ve seen big feelings so far this year!

Feelings of joy.

Of uncertainty and excitement.

Of silliness and anger.

Of sadness and delight.

We strive to be very intentional in helping children to express, name, and manage their emotions. Above all, we try to honor the feelings they express and to respond with respect, kindness, and understanding.

In this process- even the hard, the loud, and the teary, are all natural steps in your child’s work of developing a secure attachment to their loved ones, home and school. These new emotions and feelings can be quite complex, especially for the very young child. Emotions can manifest and look so very different from child to child.

We give attention to each individual child’s process. We do our best to honor their sadness, happiness, anger, excitement, disappointment, and frustration with as much (or as little!) comfort and interaction as they need.  This might look like hugs and cuddles from a teacher or friends or it could look like a child finding comfort and peace in our cozy corner on their own.  We offer a variety of ways for children to regulate their feelings and self-comfort, so they can find success and carry this skill with them as they grow.An important skill when it comes to self-regulation.

What ways to you offer your child an opportunity to self-comfort at home?

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Scroll over the photos to see they ways we encourage children to find comfort and explore emotions school-wide.

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